People change

Engage and develop your people to make your change a success

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Engage people through change

People change and transformation is often complex, messy and hard to get right. Stress, discomfort and avoidance are all natural responses to large scale changes. We’re here to accelerate your change through aligned and engaged teams and we have the experience and methodologies to provide it.

How it works

Transform your business through people change

  • 1. Shift company culture

    To shift your company’s culture, it’s essential to first understand the culture that exists already, how it’s impacting on performance, and how this might need to change. We help to align your ‘culture as articulated’ and ‘culture as experienced’.

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    Culture capture

    A research study and bespoke report provides insight into your organisation’s culture and detailed recommendations for shifting into the future.

    Nudge technology

    Our nudge technology brings about cultural behaviour change by tapping into the unconscious environmental cues in our day-to-day lives.

    Leading in the shadows

    Develop your leaders’ ability to lead in the informal, shadow side of your business, think culturally, act ‘politically’ and build relationships.

  • 2. Align EX and CX

    Many businesses treat their employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) as distinct, failing to recognise the impact that one has on the other. Through a three-stage process we co-create and align brilliant EX and CX to transform your business performance.

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    Engage and explore

    Understand your EX, CX, brand and culture by engaging your people and senior leadership team in the future ambition.


    Shape the CX and brand that appeals to your customers, whilst co-creating an EX and culture that appeals to your employees. Create a change acceleration plan.

    Enable and embed

    Implement your plan through our range of blended tools. Our Brand Alignment Monitor measures how you’re delivering on your employee and customer promises.

  • 3. Sustain performance and resilience

    Change can take many forms and different types of change bring different considerations. Whatever the nature of your transformation, we partner with stakeholders across your business to sustain performance, engagement and resilience throughout the process.

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    Digital transformation

    It’s easy to underestimate how much behaviour change is required during this type of transformation. Working with our trusted partners, we create the performance shift you need.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    The influence of culture is a priority when managing M&As. We help you to understand each organisation’s articulated, lived and deep culture.


    During a restructure, what matters most to people is fairness. From designing a communications strategy to upskilling your managers, we can support you throughout the process.

Case study

Argos - embedding change through people

We're getting inspirational, motivated colleagues back in store. We're going to see the benefits of this for a long time to come.

Andy Brown, Retail Operations Director at Argos
  • 90% delegates were quite or extremely satisfied with the training provided on the programme
  • 2-3% increase in sales following the changes

Engaging with the people side of change

The right approach for your specific needs

  • 1. Understand your change context

    Our range of diagnostic tools help us to understand the context of your change and shape our approach accordingly. These include our Readiness for Change diagnostic, People Change Audit, Culture Capture, and Leading Through Ambiguity diagnostic. We also measure impact and engagement throughout the change.

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  • 2. Change communications

    We create a compelling story and change communications to engage both hearts and minds. This often includes the development of a communications strategy, launch event and communications campaign.

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  • 3. People strategy and process

    We adopt various methods to shape and adapt your people strategy and process during change, helping to balance long-term planning with ad hoc problem solving. Examples include our Trans4mation Playbook, nudge technology and Change Champions programme.

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  • 4. Assessment and development solutions

    Our assessment and development solutions define, assess and develop the dynamic capabilities needed by leaders and employees to navigate change. Interventions can include assessment or development centres, capability audits and blended learning to upskill people and provide tools.

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How we’re different

A passion for performance

Backed by research

Our approach is underpinned by the latest research in neuropsychology, organisational culture and behavioural science.

An integrated approach

Our integrated approach draws on our expertise in learning and development, talent management and assessment, and internal communications and engagement.

Proven methodology

Our Trans4mation Playbook offers a responsive methodology that helps organisations to embrace the uncertainty of change and remain agile to shifting demands.

Performance heritage

Through our sporting heritage and deep understanding of human performance, we know how to create and sustain high performance environments.