Empower employees to measure, understand and develop their wellbeing

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Wellbeing isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity

At Lane4, we believe wellbeing means thriving. When people thrive, they operate as the best version of themselves; maximising their own potential as well as that of the business.

Give people the knowledge and tools to develop their own wellbeing with Balance4.

The benefits

How Balance4 benefits your people and your organisation

  • 1. Your people

    An entirely self-serve digital learning tool, Balance4 supports your people wherever they are. Including an up-front diagnostic to assess wellbeing behaviours, a personalised report pinpointing areas of focus, and 9 interactive, bite-sized e-learning modules to develop the knowledge and tools to improve day-to-day wellbeing.

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    Measure current wellbeing levels

    Raise people’s awareness of how their current day-to-day habits and behaviours impact on their wellbeing and performance.

    Develop proactive and reactive strategies

    Learners develop habits and routines to proactively manage their wellbeing, as well as tools and strategies to use in the moment during high stress situations.

    Create sustainable shifts in thinking and behaviour

    Help people truly understand what impacts their wellbeing. Balance4 isn’t just a quick fix; it’s designed to fundamentally shift the way people think and behave.

  • 2. Your organisation

    24% of people are more likely to say they are motivated to do their best in an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing. Organisations can also expect to have 19% less staff turnover, 21% higher job satisfaction and benefit from lower rates of absenteeism.

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    Company-wide wellbeing data

    Composite reports allow you to compare, contrast and measure subsets of your organisation to understand your company-wide wellbeing profile.

    Flexible support available to all

    Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. Designed to ensure you can offer every person access to the knowledge and skills they need to look after their wellbeing.

    Drive accountability for self-directed development

    Sustainable employee wellbeing is ultimately down to the individual to put their wellbeing first. Provide your people with tools to help them learn to effectively manage their own wellbeing.

Our approach

Scalable development that fits around your people’s life and work

How we define wellbeing

Supporting people to thrive

Holistic approach to wellbeing

We believe in a holistic and integrated approach to wellbeing that focuses on building resilience in people’s mind, body and environment. Giving people the tools to make the best use of their mental, physical and social functioning.


Attaining a state of wellbeing in people’s mind involves their ability to hold thoughts and feelings lightly and act in ways that truly matter to them. This can be developed by improving people’s ability to: accept their emotions, stay present and live in line with their values.


Developing wellbeing through people’s body requires them to take the time to be physically active, refuel with the appropriate food and drink, and restore energy both physically and mentally.


Building resilience in people’s working environment – being clear on what is expected of them, finding relationships that support them to be their best selves and engaging in tasks that are aligned with their personal purpose.