90-minute skill sessions

Equip your people with the skills they need to thrive

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Close the skills gap

Our expert team has created a range of 90-minute, off-the-shelf skill sessions to give your people the skills they need to perform at their best. Our fun, engaging, practical sessions are backed by the latest research and innovation in human psychology and organisational performance.

How it works

What can our skill sessions do for you?

These bite-size and impactful sessions equip learners with the skills to shift their performance. They give the flexibility for targeted learning on relevant topics for each individual.

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Learn together across the organisation

A scalable way to provide consistent development for your people. We cover all time zones and provide session translation and delivery in local language.

Build unique development that’s right for your people

Choose from our exciting menu of sessions with the option to run the sessions separately, piece them together or combine with other Lane4 products.

Apply the learning right away

Bite-size learning that fits the working day. We deliver in a highly practical and applicable way, giving learners tools and skills to use immediately.

How we’re different

Experts in building winning organisations

Culture change

Our approach appreciates that culture is as much bottom-up as it is top-down, created not only by senior leaders and managers, but also by every employee within the business.

Leadership behaviours

Our 25 years of leadership development experience, combined with our rigorous research ensures you get practical and applicable tools, techniques and skills to develop the leaders of tomorrow, today.

High performing teams and collaboration

Our high-performance heritage means we know what separates the best teams from the rest. We build this into our programmes to ensure you have a unique learning experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Adaptability and change readiness

We are experts in understanding the people side of change. Our research unveiled five types of adaptability needed to be agile in a constantly changing world. Let’s make change feel good.

Wellbeing and resilience

For people to perform at their best, they need to operate from a state of wellbeing. Our approach helps people develop practical strategies for resilience, to be at their best more often.

Performance coaching

We specialise in developing and embedding coaching cultures for sustained performance. There’s nothing more powerful than empowering your people to fulfil their potential.

Why choose us?

Making the unachievable, achievable

  • 1. Performance is in our DNA

    Our heritage in elite sport and performance domains gives us a unique understanding of what makes people reach the top of their game. We understand how to apply the psychology of performance like nobody else. For over 25 years, we have been helping individuals develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours so that they can achieve exceptional performance. Our skill sessions are built on this foundation.

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  • 2. State-of-the-art thinking

    Off-the-shelf doesn’t mean mediocre. We’ve bottled the Lane4 magic and created fun, engaging and practical content, backed by the latest research and innovation in human psychology and organisational performance. You can be assured of memorable experiences for your learners, which give them the specific skills they need to be at their best.

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  • 3. Improve performance in all aspects of life

    Our skill sessions are designed to go beyond just work, helping people in all aspects of life. We believe that giving people the skills to thrive both in and outside of work leads to sustainable performance.

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  • 4. So much more than 90 minutes

    All our sessions are created so that learning truly sticks and are far more than just a workshop. We provide a package of carefully crafted materials, designed to engage the learners and embed the learning. These include ‘Engage’ tasks to stimulate thinking before the 90-minute interactive workshop. Each learner comes away with practical materials including ‘Accelerate’ tasks to help transfer the learning in to the workplace.

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