Team development

Build healthy, high performing teams for a competitive advantage

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Develop exceptional teams

Great teams are the foundation of great organisations. We help teams become more than the sum of their parts by overcoming obstacles and barriers, and finding new, improved ways of working. Our proven approach develops the elements of teamwork that separate exceptional teams from the ordinary.

How it works

Our team development journeys

  • 1. Based on job role

    Whether your team is newly-formed, has a high turnover of people, is dysfunctional, or wants to move from being an effective team to a high performing one, our bespoke team development journeys are available across all levels, including your executive team.

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    Executive teams

    Executive teams are both functional and enterprise leaders. We can support you to establish your purpose and common goals and speak with ‘one voice’.

    Virtual teams

    Whether your virtual team is long-established or newly created, we help you navigate challenges such as leadership, communication and process.

    Newly-formed teams

    We help new teams establish team dynamics and ways of working that promote high performance from the start.

  • 2. Based on delivery

    We have a range of scalable solutions available, depending on your business context. From bespoke programmes through to off-the-shelf training modules, and a suite of self-serve, digital products, we will take your teams beyond performance.

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    Bespoke solutions

    Our global face-to-face and virtual team development programmes can be tailored for all types of teams.

    Off-the-shelf solutions

    Our ready-to-go programmes and virtual skill sessions equip teams to thrive in a modern workforce. We can also develop your internal training capability.

    Digital solutions

    Our self-serve digital tools and diagnostics deliver personalised learning at scale, both within and between your teams.

Case study

Bourne Leisure - a fresh approach to team development

We see the Lane4 programme as one of the core reasons for our improved commercial performance.

Mark Harper, Joint Managing Director at Bourne Leisure
  • 95% engagement scores for leadership team
  • 10% profitability increase as the programme coincided with record levels of growth

Our approach

Discover our high performing teams framework

  • Team mind

    Team mind refers to the ‘shared thinking’ within the team. In high performing teams, members know how their team works best together. They are able to read new situations and apply existing knowledge. To keep improving, teams need to learn and, and just like individuals, a team’s ‘mind’ needs to be stretched.

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  • Team emotion

    Team emotion refers to how team members feel about each other, and their team as a whole. High performing teams have high levels of mutual trust. They feel fully engaged with the team, successfully resolve conflict and make superior decisions as a result of capitalising on knowledge held by all team members.

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  • Team process

    Team process refers to what the team does that allows them to continuously adapt and perform at a high level. This is despite changes in the internal and external environment. High performing teams effectively share information, distribute workload and anticipate the needs and actions of other team members.

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  • Team leadership

    Team leadership refers to the formal and informal leadership capabilities within the team. In high performing teams, leadership responsibility shifts from formal leaders to informal leaders according to the task and skills of team members. Team Leadership captures the vision, support and challenge provided.

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  • Team edge

    Team edge refers to the team’s ability to perform under pressure. Resilient teams can perform in the most difficult circumstances by remaining collectively confident, focused, determined and controlled under pressure. These teams build on positive momentum or change direction when the team is in a downward spiral.

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How we’re different

A passion for performance

Data-driven development

Our High Performing Teams diagnostic with pulse measures allows your team to track its performance over time.

High impact experiences

Our team development journeys blend a variety of immersive activities, tailored to the context of your team and organisation.

Experts in team performance

Our performance consultants have been designing award-winning team development programmes for more than two decades.

Backed by research

Our approach is underpinned by the latest research on teams from fields as diverse as aviation, business, sport, medicine and the military.