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Promote a culture of curiosity and delve into inspiring insight and thought leadership

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Capture your curiosity

Useful as an addition to an existing programme or as a stand-alone resource to drive personalised learning, the Lane4 Learning Library is your one-stop-shop for world-class performance content.

How it works

How the Learning Library benefits your people and your organisation

  • 1. Your people

    With so much information available at our fingertips, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. People are unsure where to find information or how to determine its quality. So, we’ve made it simple. We’ve selected Lane4’s very best bite-sized content for people to read, watch, listen and do.

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    Accessible anywhere, any time, on any device

    Promote a curiosity in learning by providing people with access to high-quality content whenever and wherever they need it via our Lane4 learning platform.

    Learn in a way that suits them

    People can choose from a range of different media. Whether that is through podcasts, videos, webinars, articles, blogs or activities to run with their teams.

    The areas that make a difference

    The content is split into 9 high-performance areas that help people to thrive in the modern-day workplace, such as adaptability, wellbeing, communication, trust and innovation.

  • 2. Your organisation

    Spark a curiosity for learning and a culture of accountability for self-development. Rather than your people waiting to be put on a development course, provide them with the means to develop themselves with high-quality resources you know you can trust.

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    Learning for all

    Content available for your interns through to your C-suite. Designed to be a rich library that is accessible for all; whatever their needs, strengths or interests.

    Insightful data about your people

    Access useful data about your people that can inform future development. Break this down by different demographic groups to get the insight you want and need.

    No long-term commitment

    The Learning Library is an affordable way to provide your people with immediate access to high-quality learning and development resources without tying your business into long-term contracts.

How we're different

Content you can trust

In-house research team

We don’t pump out 100 pieces of content a week, instead our in-house research team meticulously gathers the latest thought-leadership and transfers this into accessible and applicable content.

25 years of curation experience

Our content brings together the underpinning psychology of human behaviour with the practical experience of our consultants to provide resources that people can use to turn their performance up a gear.

Everything is created by us

We don’t bolster our library with content from other sources. Instead we focus on a smaller selection of high-quality, evidence-backed resources developed by our people. Everything in the library has the Lane4 stamp of approval.