Hybrid working: shifting to the new normal

Practical ‘how-to’ insight to make hybrid working a success in your organsiation.

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What's inside this white paper

Hybrid working is about giving people more autonomy over the choice of where to work, offering a flexible blend of remote and in-office working. Despite a few leaders coming out firmly in favour of a return to pre-COVID ways of working, evidence suggests hybrid working is the future most organisations will be choosing.  

This white paper explores how to get hybrid working right for your people and organisation.

  • 89% of business executives agree that hybrid working will become a permanent part of working life moving forward
  • 68% of employees desire to continue working from home for one to three days a week going forward
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What you'll take away from this paper

  • The ‘best of both’ opportunity that hybrid working offers 
  • key challenges hybrid working presents 
  • Practical tips for you and your manager to overcome each challenge 
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