Train the trainer

Develop your own Lane4 approved training team for impactful and sustainable development

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Delivered by your people, for your people

No one knows your business better than your people. Why not harness that knowledge and capability by developing an internal cadre of trainers to provide development for your wider organisation? The benefit for you is scalable, impactful and sustainable development throughout your business in a consistent, high-quality, affordable way.

Our programmes

Putting the power of performance in your hands

Team4 practitioner

Team4 practitioner

Looking to develop teams that outperform the competition? Accrediting your own Team4 practitioners will give them the insights and tools to drive the development of high performing teams across your business. Accredited practitioners access the Lane4 portal to run Team4 diagnostics, get ready-made session designs and facilitation guides on 16 key topics (such as engagement, trust, leadership and resilience) and receive ongoing practitioner support.

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Virtual facilitation programme

Virtual facilitation programme

Done right, virtual delivery can produce the same learning outcomes and behavioural shift as its in-person counterpart. This programme will equip your existing training team with the tools and skills to design and deliver exceptional training and development over any platform. Virtual delivery is here to stay. Benefits include a reduced carbon footprint, no travel costs, worldwide employee reach and cross-business collaboration.

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Bespoke Train the Trainer

Bespoke Train the Trainer

Harness the combined power of Lane4’s experience with the knowledge, passion and skills of your internal trainers to develop sustainable and scalable solutions that create true behaviour shift. We work with you to design a bespoke programme to achieve your objectives. We then develop your internal trainers so they’re confident, capable and inspired to take the programme forward and be the game changers your business needs.

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Our approach

Take your in-house delivery team to the next level

  • Experience it

    Experience it

    The best facilitators know the powerful impact they can have on learners and fundamentally believe that what they’re doing makes a difference. Before we work with facilitators, we give them the opportunity to experience the development for themselves as a delegate. This way, they get to see and feel the impact first hand.

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  • Understand it

    Understand it

    We’re not about teaching people content to regurgitate. We support facilitators to get beneath the bonnet by really understanding the science of adult learning and the principles that underpin behaviour change. Not only will facilitators learn ‘what’ to do, but more importantly the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ they do it. That way, we ensure that the learning translates to tangible, practical application and performance shift.

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  • Facilitate it

    Facilitate it

    By following this methodology, facilitators will understand the mechanics of the programme and the psychology of adult learning. With a greater understanding of the different learning preferences, they will be able to flex and adapt to the people and demands they’re presented with. We help your facilitators to run training that will develop new skills and behaviours which have a positive impact on people for years to come.

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How we’re different

A passion for performance

Learn from the best

Your people will get to learn directly from our consultants. Known for their quality and expertise, they have been designing and facilitating development across the globe for many years.

Tried and tested approach to behaviour change

We have a core set of principles for delivering learning content virtually, face-to-face or blended to create engagement and behaviour shift in a variety of mediums.

Become a part of the Lane4 team

We are passionate about developing in-house practitioners and supporting them far beyond their initial programme. They are an important part of our mission to impact as many people’s working lives as possible.

A wealth of knowledge and practical experience

Over the years, we’ve developed an incredible pool of session designs, experiential learning methods, virtual resources, digital tools and diagnostics. We give your trainers the tools that we know work.

Case study

Argos - embedding change through people

We're getting inspirational, motivated colleagues back in store. We're going to see the benefits of this for a long time to come.

Andy Brown, Retail Operations Director at Argos
  • 90% delegates were quite or extremely satisfied with the training provided on the programme
  • 2-3% increase in sales following the changes