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Our story defines the essence of who we are

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Our story

Performance is in our DNA

Our journey began on 19th September 1988. At the Seoul Olympic Games, Adrian Moorhouse stood on the blocks for the 100 meters breaststroke final.

Having qualified fastest, Adrian was in lane four. Traditionally for the quickest heat winner, this lane gave him a small but crucial advantage.

Adrian came home with the Gold medal. And, the perfect name for the business he would found. At Lane4, our approach is taken from what Adrian learnt about performance in sport. He knew that talent alone wasn’t enough, and he needed to develop the right mindset, skillset and strategies to succeed.

When developing people, we work with the whole individual. Not only do we focus on improving performance but we also provide the tools to change behaviours, confidence, and attitude. This has a positive impact on people’s lives as well as their work.

This is where we take people beyond performance.

Core values

Driven by values in everything we do

Pushing boundaries: we are passionate about performance

We are always moving forward – innovating and improving. We give our best, both individually and in our teams. We always push for excellence for ourselves and for our customers.

People champions: we are human, we care

We care about people and believe in the potential of our colleagues and our customers. We make a difference to people’s working lives. We create an environment where difference is celebrated, and everyone is included.

Growing communities: we build relationships for life

We build relationships that grow far beyond business connections. This holds true for our customers, for our associates and partner organisations as well as charities and social projects we work with locally and overseas.

Contagious curiosity: we are always learning

We are always curious, asking questions and delving deeper in everything we do. We share our knowledge freely. We are always open to learn with and from each other.

Brand promise

The value and experience that customers and learners can expect

  • Beyond

    Our development programmes are about more than just results at work. We focus on the whole individual, giving them the tools to change their behaviours, confidence and attitude. It delivers positive results in work and life, both now and in the future.

  • Performance

    Performance is in our DNA. The drive to succeed and push boundaries comes from our founder and runs through our values and culture. This is at the core of our programmes, experiences and digital tools, driving performance in people and giving businesses a competitive edge.

Lane4 in numbers

Our numbers

  • 41 countries delivered in
  • 18 languages spoken
  • 200 A global delivery team of over 200 people
  • 30 industry awards recognised for in the past five years
  • 130k Over 130,000 delegates developed at 300+ organisations
  • 900 virtual classrooms and webinars delivered in 2020
  • 1 rated as one of the UK's leading management consultants
  • 25 year track record of transforming organisational performance

Our awards