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A passion for performance

Our game-changing spirit is at the heart of who we are, it is the sum of our values. It drives our people, our purpose and our approach to learning. We work hard to create an environment where all our people can thrive and are proud to have been recognised over many years as one of the UK’s best companies to work for.

Core values

Driven by values in everything we do

Pushing boundaries: we are passionate about performance

We are always moving forward, innovating and improving. We give our best, both individually and in our teams. We always push for excellence for ourselves and for our customers.

People champions: we are human, we care

We care about people and believe in the potential of our colleagues and our customers. We make a difference to people’s working lives. We create an
environment where difference is celebrated, and everyone is included.

Growing communities: we build relationships for life

We build relationships that grow far beyond business connections. This holds true for our customers, for our associates and partner organisations as well as charities and social projects we work with locally and overseas.

Contagious curiosity: we are always learning

We are always curious, asking questions and delving deeper in everything we do. We share our knowledge freely. We are always open to learn with and from
each other.


A holistic package to help our people thrive

  1. Comprehensive health plans and insurance
  2. Learning and development
  3. Generous parental and family leave
  4. Paid volunteer time
  5. Annual flexible benefits
  6. Season ticket and gym membership loans

Diversity and inclusion

  • Our mission

    Unique, fearless, valued

    At Lane4 we believe that any truly high-performing environment is built on an inclusive and diverse culture. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is deeply embedded in our DNA and helps us to build our business and improve people’s working lives.

  • Our inclusion and diversity manifesto

    1. Everyone is valued

    We value everyone’s individual uniqueness. We are curious and appreciative about each other and our backgrounds.

    2. Biases are confronted

    We are conscious of the assumptions and biases that are a natural part of human interaction.

    3. Everyone is individual

    We know and feel we can talk about our identity because everyone is accepted.

    4. Feedback is encouraged

    We have the courage to give and receive feedback, collectively contributing to an environment where we feel able to freely share what we think.

    5. We speak out

    We can be fearless in drawing attention to something we’ve seen or heard that has caused discomfort, for example, saying ‘ouch’ or ‘what do you mean by that?’

    6. Reflection is valued

    If attention is drawn to something we’ve done or said that has caused discomfort, we are open enough to reflect on the reaction and try to understand someone else’s perspective.

    7. We have role models

    We see leaders in our community role modelling behaviours to advance inclusion and diversity.

  • Our workplace

    Black Lives Matter group

    We stimulate conversation, learning and awareness about race and the black experience, enabling Lane4’s progression towards racial equity and equality.

    THRIVE women’s network

    We are creating an environment for women to thrive. We run ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and facilitate a buddy support system on issues facing women.

    Mind4 mental health awareness group

    We promote mental health awareness delivering regular events to support, empower and equip our people to enhance their wellbeing.