COVID-19 will not come to an end this week and neither should mental health awareness

Coffee break

At Lane4, we believe wellbeing means thriving. When people thrive, they operate as the best version of themselves; unlocking their own potential as well as that of their business. Today, however, there are more obstacles to employee wellbeing than ever. We feel that it is critical, regardless of whether people are furloughed or working, locked down or in the office, to keep employees thriving individually during this difficult time.

5 steps to mental wellbeing

Using the NHS’ five steps to mental wellbeing as a framework, our employees have found comfort in a regular drum beat of optional activities hosted by Mind4, such as those listed below:

  1. Connect with other people

What Mind4 have done: Lane4 company-wide virtual lunch. Why? Good relationships provide emotional support and allow you to support others and share experiences.

  1. Be physically active

What Mind4 have done: 10,000 steps before 10am. Why? Physical activity is scientifically proven to cause chemical changes in your brain which are known to positively improve mood.

  1. Learn new skills

What Mind4 have done: Virtual cook along making spaghetti carbonara with Andrew Gillespie. Why? Learning something new helps you to build a sense of purpose and boosts self-confidence.

  1. Give to others

What Mind4 have done: Recognise acts of kindness that have been received and take part in the ‘pass it forward’ initiative by sharing these moments with others. Why? Acts of kindness create positive feelings, a sense of reward and purpose.

  1. Pay attention to the present moment

What Mind4 have done: Virtual gardening with Justin Warhurst. Why? Being at one with nature and paying attention to the present moment can improve your thoughts and feelings about the world around you.


Although a special emphasis will be made across the UK to raise mental health awareness this week, this pandemic is far from over and we recognise that the efforts to prioritise mental health should also be far from over too. Personally, I have gained so much from Mind4, and I would urge you to think about what your organisation is doing to aid your employee’s mental wellbeing. The value of providing people with the opportunity to connect is crucial now more than ever, and for many, will dictate how they remember the role their organisation played in helping them to cope with the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

If you need some wellbeing tips to help you cope with lockdown, watch Rick Cotgreave’s wellbeing advice video.

If you are looking for ways to support your people’s wellbeing during COVID-19, watch our webinar on the topic or read our blog on employee wellbeing programmes.