Give everyone the power to coach

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Unleash the power of coaching

Embedding coaching in the day-to-day behaviours of your workforce creates a powerful wave of active, passionate and creative thinkers. Our research shows that this is fundamental to not only surviving but thriving in the modern-day world.

The benefits

How Coach4 benefits your managers and your organisation

  • 1. Your managers

    In a world where we’re increasingly stretched for time, it’s fundamental to work smart and maximise the potential of every person in your organisation. Adopting a coaching approach frees up space for managers to lead by empowering people to make decisions at the right level.

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    3-in-1 package

    Including a diagnostic, personalised report and development modules, Coach4 offers a full learning package to build people’s confidence and competence to see their role as manager encompass that of a coach.

    ‘Just in time’ development

    Coach4 is designed with the modern-day learner in mind. It focuses on developing people’s day-to-day coaching behaviours through bite-sized, highly interactive learning with immediately applicable tools and resources.

    Support people beyond work

    Developing the ability to coach has a far wider reach than just work. Equip people with fundamental skills that they can apply to all aspects of their life; whether that’s as a parent, a local football coach or an evening art teacher.

  • 2. Your organisation

    Designed to provide you with a scalable way to embed coaching behaviours throughout your organisation. Coach4 provides you with valuable insight and data on the habitual coaching practices of different demographics in your workforce.

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    Develop a habitual coaching practice

    Give your organisation a coaching reboot with this scalable tool. Coach4 helps get the fundamentals of coaching in the veins of your people by addressing the mindset, skillset and toolset needed to coach effectively.

    Use data to inform decisions

    Composite reports allow you to compare, contrast and measure subsets of your organisation to understand coaching strengths and development areas across your business.

    Flexible to their needs

    Whether your managers are in the office, on the road, or working remotely, Coach4 is designed to fit around their needs. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, they can learn at a time and place that suits them.

Our approach

Put coaching in the hands of your people

Our coaching fundamentals

Coaching in practice

Coaching is in our DNA

Coaching and being coached is the foundation of our performance culture. It is the golden thread that runs through everything we do. It’s not an add on, it’s a way of being.

Effective goal setting

Setting goals is a powerful mechanism for motivating and empowering others. They provide focus, direction and clarity, enabling independent thinking and decision making, and the means to hold people to account.

High quality conversations

Effective conversations are the bedrock of successful coaching. Actively listening and asking thought-provoking questions help others to do their best thinking.

Impactful feedback

Effective and timely feedback is a critical component for continued success. Developing a habitual culture of sharing motivational and developmental feedback will pay dividends in the engagement, competence and confidence of your people.

High-trust relationships

Mutual trust, care and authenticity are the bread and butter of creating a successful relationship where open and honest conversations can thrive.

Mindset matters

The beliefs you hold about yourself and others greatly impact on performance. In order to coach people effectively you must fundamentally believe in their potential to succeed.