Transformation and culture change

Engage and empower your people to make change a success and drive business performance

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Create a winning organisation

At Lane4 we believe that successful transformation occurs when you put your people at the heart of it. Launching a new vision, deploying a digital transformation or restructuring your organisation aren’t just projects, they are culture changes.

Despite underpinning any change, many business leaders remain baffled by what their culture is, what it does and how to change it. At Lane4 we define culture as the values, behaviours, beliefs, and environments that shape people’s experience within a company.

The stats

Undeniable success

  • 4.7/5 is the average rating given to a Lane4 programme that helps to build key skills that drive change and innovation.
  • 70% is the reduction in suffering a lost time accident at Wates after implementing programmes to build a Zero Harm safety culture.
  • 30+ industry awards for our work including CIPD, Personnel Today, Training Journal and Brandon Hall.

How we’re different

Why we’re experts in this area

In-house research team

Our first-hand research on the contextual factors of change informs our unique approach.

Proven change methodology

Our phased approach includes initial diagnosis, a culture change acceleration plan and development to support your people to live the change.

25 years of experience

We have a strong track record of achieving measurable impact in a wide range of change contexts.

End-to-end programme delivery

Using a blend of our areas of expertise, we build end-to-end solutions that deliver your desired impact.