Be change ready with a more adaptable workforce

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Let’s make change feel good

In order to thrive during change, organisations must equip their people with the skills needed for success. While the list of essential skills may vary from organisation to organisation, in a world where we don’t know the challenges of tomorrow, there is one skill everyone needs:adaptability.

The benefits

How Adapt4 benefits your people and your organisation

  • 1. Your people

    Adapt4 is designed to help people develop their adaptability and thrive through change, whether that’s at work, at home or in the community. The world isn’t standing still, and neither are your people. Let’s make change feel good.

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    Learn about their own adaptability

    Raise people’s self-awareness about their adaptability strengths and development areas, and help them understand the impact these have on performance through a personalised report.

    Accessible and applicable learning

    The digital modules are designed with the modern-day learner in mind. Bite-sized, highly interactive, with immediately applicable tools and resources.

    Create sustainable shifts in thinking and behaviour

    Help people to adapt quickly to new circumstances, maintain performance during change and thrive when faced with challenges. Adapt4 isn’t just a quick fix, it’s designed to fundamentally shift the way people think and operate day to day.

  • 2. Your organisation

    Adapt4 is designed to provide you with a scalable way to help people develop their adaptability. Whilst providing you with valuable insights and data on how well your workforce is set up to thrive through change.

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    Use data to inform decisions

    Composite reports allow you to compare, contrast and measure subsets of your organisation to pinpoint where additional support may be needed and identify adaptability hot spots.

    Drive accountability for self-directed development

    A core underlying mindset of adaptable people is curiosity. Cultivate a culture of curiosity by providing development that makes people excited to learn and try new things.

    Flexible development available to all

    Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, learn at a time and place that suits all.

Our approach

Scalable development that fits around your people’s life and work

How we define adaptability

The key skill needed for change

The 5 types of adaptability

Adaptability is not a single skill. In fact, we recognise five different types of adaptability. Each type helps us to respond effectively to our environment and the unique circumstances that we find ourselves in.

Learning adaptability

Our brains are purpose-built to continue learning across our lifetime – we just need to keep fuelling this process and step outside our comfort zone. Proactive adaptability helps us to stay ahead of the game.

Creative adaptability

Each day, we face tough challenges, often with limited time and resources. Creative adaptability helps us to come up with the best solutions, identifying both marginal improvements and original solutions to challenges.

Reactive adaptability

Our ‘fight vs flight’ instinct can kick in when faced with change, setbacks and pressure. Reactive adaptability is our ability to remain ‘in control’ in these moments and think and act rationally.

Social adaptability

At our core, human beings are social creatures. People who exhibit high social adaptability are able to adjust their approach based on the views, feelings and needs of others.

Lifestyle adaptability

We all know it would be impossible to sprint a whole marathon. Slowing down to catch our breath is sometimes needed to stay at our best. Lifestyle adaptability is about understanding and applying this knowledge in day-to-day life.