High performing teams

Spark collaboration and build high performing teams that can take your organisation to the next level

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Be more than a sum of your parts

Collaboration is crucial to business success – almost 9 out of 10 executives agree that the problems confronting them are so complex that teams are essential for providing effective solutions in today’s world.

Our proven approach to building healthy and high performing teams embraces the diverse views, experiences and skills of team members. We focus on developing collaboration and the key elements of teamwork that separate exceptional teams from the ordinary.

The stats

Undeniable success

  • 4.7/5 is the average rating given to a Lane4 programme that helps to engage and develop a team to enable high performance and win together.
  • 13% increase in engagement, wellbeing and employee net promoter scores in Bourne Leisure as a result of a Lane4 programme.
  • 30+ industry awards for our work including CIPD, Personnel Today, Training Journal and Brandon Hall.

How we’re different

Why we’re experts in this area

In-house research team

For over 25 years we’ve researched what separates the best teams from the rest in the arts, elite sport, the military, business and medical science.

Evidence-based framework

Our robust and reliable High Performing Teams (HPT) framework and diagnostic allows us to diagnose and shift team performance.

Immersive experiences

Our sporting heritage gives you access to unique learning experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

End-to-end programme delivery

Using a blend of our areas of expertise, we build end-to-end solutions that deliver your desired impact.