Wellbeing and resilience

Accelerate business performance by providing people with the skills they need to thrive

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Help your people to be at their best

The financial impact of wellbeing is well documented. Research indicates that individuals with poor wellbeing only work up to two thirds of their potential.

At Lane4, we believe that everyone should have the chance to be successful, and that starts with looking after our wellbeing. True wellbeing is holistic, where our mind, body and environment are well balanced. It’s also dynamic. We can be pulled out of balance many times throughout a day or week.

The stats

Undeniable success

  • 4.5/5 is the average rating given to a Lane4 programme that helps to devise personal resilience strategies to sustain high performance in a forever-changing environment.
  • 72% (compared to 38% pre-roadshow) of employees at Jaguar Land Rover felt very or moderately confident that they could tell a colleague if they felt stressed.
  • 30+ industry awards for our work including CIPD, Personnel Today, Training Journal and Brandon Hall.

How we’re different

Why we’re experts in this area

In-house research team

Our wellbeing framework combines the latest thought leadership with our own primary research and deep understanding of neuropsychology.

Practical approach

Informed by several domains, including elite sport, we equip your people with proven practical strategies to manage their wellbeing and resilience.

25 years of experience

We have a strong track record of developing wellbeing and resilience in a wide range of contexts.

End-to-end programme delivery

Using a blend of our areas of expertise, we build end-to-end solutions that deliver your desired impact.