Wellbeing: thriving in all aspects of working life

People’s wellbeing isn’t a luxury. Business success hinges on it. This white paper explores the effect wellbeing can have on an organisation and how to support it in your people.

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What’s inside this whitepaper

Businesses can’t perform at their best unless their people can operate from a state of wellbeing. Developing wellbeing and resilience in people’s mind, body and environment enables them to realise their potential and thrive in all aspects of working life.

At Lane4, we believe wellbeing means thriving. When people thrive, they operate as the best version of themselves, maximising their own potential as well as that of their business.

  • 12.8 million working days were lost last year because of work-related stress, depression or anxiety.
  • 1/10 employees quit their job because of workplace stress.
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What you’ll take away from this paper

  • What ‘a state of wellbeing’ means
  • How you can support the wellbeing of your people
  • How to design a successful wellbeing programme for your organisation.
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