Leading Performance Simulation

Accelerate development through the flight simulator of leadership

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Leadership is tough

Leading people can be a minefield and there are significant consequences for getting it wrong. The real problem: in life, second chances and practice runs don’t exist. The Leading Performance Simulation is the ideal way for managers to learn where the mines might be and adapt their style to inspire great performance.

The benefits

How the Leading Performance Simulation benefits your people and your organisation

  • 1. Your people

    The simulation has been designed to replicate key moments that your managers and leaders face day in, day out. By allowing people to practise in this virtual environment, you can accelerate their development and help them to truly make an impact when it counts.

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    Fail fast, learn quickly

    Give managers a safe place to practise making tough, familiar, real-life decisions in an environment free from consequence.

    Flex the approach and shift the mindset of your managers

    Let your managers experiment with different leadership decisions and approaches. They then receive immediate feedback on the impact these decisions might have had on those they lead.

    Practical advice and tools

    Build a toolkit of practical skills and resources to help leaders effectively tackle day-to-day people challenges – goal setting, feedback, emotional control and much more!

  • 2. Your organisation

    Develop the mindset and skills across your leaders to ensure that daily performance conversations become a habitual process rather than an annual cycle of performance management.

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    Your house or ours

    Our simulation integrates with all platforms. House it on your learning system or make use of ours where we can give all your people access via our Lane4 learning platform.

    Every contact leaves a trace

    Develop emotionally intelligent leaders that understand the impact they have on others.

    Accessible anywhere, any time, on any device

    Ensure every leader has access to development, regardless of their location, level or experience.

Our approach

See the effect everyday leadership decisions have on your people

How we’re different

Heritage, innovation and impact

Leadership heritage

We’ve worked with people leaders for over 25 years and know how challenging the step into leadership can be. We have taken the most common leadership pitfalls and designed them in to a safe experiential learning environment.

Life-like scenarios to deliver impact and shift behaviour

The high-quality, engaging and realistic storyline throughout this simulation resonates with learners to create an impactful, unforgettable learning experience.

Getting leadership right is critical to business performance

According to Gallup, 70% of team performance is directly attributable to the skill of the leader. Learners complete short learning extracts, getting live feedback on their choices so they can adapt as they progress.

Choose your own ending

As your leaders explore the consequences of their leadership decisions throughout the simulation, the key characters ‘Andrew and Lucy at RGE’ will become common language in your leadership communities, making the learning sustainable and sticky.