The future is now: the new context of leadership (C-suite survey)

Hardly a week goes by without a report from a business school, consultancy, government or think-tank telling us that the future of work is changing.

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What’s inside this whitepaper

These business changes are driven by what are termed megatrends – the underlying forces shaping the world. Understanding the megatrends helps leaders to broaden their decision-making capability and better identify potential opportunities and risks to their business.

We surveyed over 150 C-suite leaders to find out how prepared they feel for the changing business environment, and the results were dramatic. There is a big gap between the most future-fit leaders and the least – a gap that leaders need to start closing now.

  • 1/5 C-suite leaders don’t feel confidently equipped with the skills they need for future success.
  • 80% of C-suite leaders report that key business decisions in their organisation do not consider the impact and benefit to society at large.
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What you’ll take away from this paper

  • Discover the results of our C-suite survey
  • Learn what the 14 megatrends are and how they are affecting businesses
  • Equip your leaders to deal with the changing business environment
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