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The ultimate team leader companion tool

Team leaders in today’s world face a tough task. Many are being asked to do more with less, against a backdrop of change and uncertainty. Team leaders are looking for a clear and simple way to identify how they can improve team performance. They need access to on-demand tools, tips and activities they can use on the job.

The benefits

How Team4 benefits your team leaders and your organisation

  • 1. Your team leaders

    Put team development in the hands of your team leaders, wherever they are. Whether co-located, virtual or hybrid, Team4 provides your team leaders with everything they need to measure and develop their team’s performance.

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    The right development at the right time

    Time is precious. Use the Team4 diagnostic to pinpoint what development is needed right now to have the greatest impact on team performance.

    Just in time

    Everything team leaders need to develop their team, when they need it. The Team4 diagnostic and toolbox are both accessible anywhere, any time, on any device.

    Quality collaboration

    Working effectively with external stakeholders is fundamental to team performance. Teams can improve their interactions, communication and collaboration by receiving 360° feedback with the diagnostic.

  • 2. Your organisation

    Team4 provides a scalable, cost-effective and impactful way to create a common language and understanding of what it really means to be a high performing team across your organisation. It also includes the resources and tools to make sure this knowledge becomes common practice.

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    Accountable team leaders

    Drive accountability for team performance amongst your team leaders by equipping them with insights and tools to develop their teams.

    Scalable development

    Easily create a common language of high performing teams across your business with a cost-effective and scalable way of developing and improving team performance.

    Data-driven insights

    Composite company-wide data allows you to compare, contrast and measure teams across your organisation to pinpoint strengths, development areas and barriers to success.

Our approach

On-the-job team development

How we're different

A passion for performance

We help your teams learn from the best

For over 25 years we have been researching and studying the qualities that the world’s best teams share, from domains such as sport, the military, science and aviation.

On-the-job performance improvement

By using real, actionable and digestible tools, we help your people to improve on the job, not outside of it. Imagine a tool that slots effortlessly into the natural rhythms of being a team leader.

We focus on the team as a unit

Team4 focuses on the team as a whole, not just the individuals within it. We provide the tools to truly make your team greater than the sum of its parts​.