Management development

Develop brilliant managers to lead high performing teams

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Activate the potential of your managers

Managers are often referred to as the glue in an organisation, bridging the gap between the top team and front-line colleagues. Yet they are often promoted based on individual contribution rather than leadership capability. We give managers the mindset, tools and experiences to thrive in today’s changing world.

How it works

Taking your managers beyond performance

  • 1. Based on manager needs

    The right ingredients

    We genuinely care about improving people’s lives, both at work and beyond. Our manager development programmes not only help people to understand rationally, but also engage emotionally to drive behavioural change.

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    The right mindset

    We believe managers should ‘unlearn to learn’ – dealing with adversity and seeking feedback. This has more impact than any capability they can develop.

    The necessary skills

    We offer a safe space for your managers to practise and take risks. Learning is contextualised within ‘business-as-usual’ and immediately transferable.

    Measurable results

    We measure impact from start to finish. If we discover that an intervention isn’t creating shift or having the desired effect, we change it there and then.

  • 2. Based on delivery

    The right solutions

    We have a range of scalable solutions available, depending on your business context. From bespoke programmes through to off-the-shelf training modules, and a suite of self-serve, digital products, we will take your managers beyond performance.

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    Bespoke solutions

    Our global face-to-face and virtual programmes are tailored to your organisational context, aligning individual development with business priorities.

    Off-the-shelf solutions

    Our ready-to-go programmes and virtual skill sessions equip managers to thrive in a modern workforce. We can also develop your internal training capability.

    Digital solutions

    Our self-serve digital tools and diagnostics deliver personalised learning at scale across your organisation.

Case study

Finastra - building manager capabilities virtually

The FinLead programme has been a resounding success. In choosing Lane4 as our consultancy we received so much more than expertise. The quality, versatility, and the magic that they delivered as facilitators brought the programme to life in a memorable and engaging way.

Ed Fothergill, Head of Leadership and Management Development at Finastra
  • 96% would recommend this programme to a colleague
  • 91% rated facilitators as engaging and impactful

Our approach

Discover our Performance Learning Journey

  • 1. Engage

    Success of any management development journey starts with engaged learners. Managers need to understand the purpose of their learning and commit to making a change. They also need to understand where their strengths and development opportunities lie before they can positively improve their performance.

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  • 2. Activate

    Providing a variety of problem-centred learning inputs allows managers to explore a topic and see the links to their own role or performance. From there, our experiential learning methods encourage leaders to discover and experiment with new skills before finally putting them into practice.

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  • 3. Accelerate

    Feedback and measurement tools allow managers to identify their progress and plan for long-term changes in their behaviour. With purposeful practice these new skills and behaviours become automatic, enabling leaders to boost their performance.

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  • 4. Discover & reflect

    Reflection is key to experiential learning and is integrated at each of the above three stages of our Performance Learning Journey. A locker of resources allows leaders to tap into the brain’s natural curiosity and their intrinsic motivation to develop.

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How we’re different

A passion for performance

Data-driven development

Our high-performance diagnostic tools identify development gaps and opportunities, and measure the progress of your individual managers.

End-to-end programme delivery

Our programmes allow managers to follow their own learning journey, whilst building the capabilities your business needs.

Shifting behaviour through experiential learning

Our unique performance methodology underpins all our learning programmes.

Global network of expert consultants

Our consultants take an holistic approach to development, helping your people perform at a higher level in all aspects of work and life.