Conflict in teams: Is there an upside?

Team conflict is inevitable. But, for conflict to propel your team towards high performance, it must be expertly harnessed.

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What's inside this article

Max Lucado, US author and minister, once said “conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional”. And, workplace teams are certainly no exception. Just think, how often have you experienced conflict within a team at work?

Research shows that approximately one in three people have had a dispute with a team member or their line manager at work, not counting all the times you may have witnessed a disagreement between others in your team.

This article focuses on the positive side of conflict and provides suggestions to harness it within your team; arguing certain types of conflict are not only unavoidable but necessary for high performance.

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What you’ll take away from this article

  • Different types of team conflict and their varying impacts
  • Why some conflict is not only unavoidable but necessary for high performance
  • Some tips about how to harness the power of conflict in your team
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