Real learning in the virtual world

A best practice guide to the fundamentals of the design and delivery of virtual L&D.

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There has been a dramatic shift towards virtual learning as a result of the pandemic, and only 5% of L&D professionals believe that their learning strategy will go back to how it was before March 2020. Virtual L&D is not the only option available, but it has become far more widespread. This makes getting it right more important than ever.

Lane4 has 25 years’ experience in people performance and workplace psychology, and has been applying this expertise to virtual delivery since well before the pandemic. In this guide, we offer six fundamental tips for ensuring your virtual learning and development has real impact.

  • 84% of organisations were using virtual classrooms in 2018, almost double seen in 2016.
  • 53% of surveyed L&D professionals reported that virtual classrooms were a success at supporting their business during the pandemic.
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What you’ll take away from this paper

  • the barriers to effective virtual learning
  • three principles for designing virtual learning programmes based on human psychology
  • three principles for delivering virtual learning programmes based on how we learn
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