Beyond Performance: Everything you need to know about Lane4’s new brand

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08/02/2021 | Lane4 has unveiled a new look and website to meet the changing needs of clients and the learning and development market. This far-reaching rebrand will help Lane4 to take people and businesses ‘Beyond Performance’.

Adrian Moorhouse, Lane4’s Managing Director, said “This is an exciting development for us during what has been a challenging time for our industry. At Lane4 we have always listened to our clients, adjusting and refining our products and services to remain relevant for our learners and customers. As you can imagine, a lot has changed since our last rebrand in 2012, so it seems right that at this transformational moment, we are transforming ourselves too.

I’m particularly energised about highlighting the positive impact we have on our learners. For many years, we have heard feedback about how our programmes have changed lives for the better, at work but also at home. Our new tagline, ‘Beyond Performance’, is an articulation of this feedback and our promise to our customers when developing their people.”

As you can imagine, a lot has changed since our last rebrand in 2012, so it seems right that at this transformational moment, we are transforming ourselves too.

What’s new?


The first change you’ll notice is the new website (you’re on it right now). This overhauled website makes it easier for everyone to learn who we are, what we do and why we do it. We also have a new logo. The name Lane4 is too big a part of who we are to change, but this new logo and colour scheme communicates our dynamism and digital capabilities.

Lane4’s range of solutions has evolved too. In addition to our award-winning face-to-face delivery, we now offer high-impact digital learning. Blended learning has long been at heart of what we do, but our new range of digital self-service tools can be used in isolation or as part of a broader development programme. Not only does this open up Lane4 learning to more people than ever before, but that learning is personalised to their needs, making it relevant and highly effective.

One fundamental remains the same, however, and that is our commitment to improving the working lives of as many people as possible, helping to build high performing organisations in the process. We hope that you will join us on this journey as we take you beyond performance.

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was when the Lane4 journey began.

Adrian Moorhouse presenting

Our story


Our journey began on 19th September 1988. At the Seoul Olympic Games, Adrian Moorhouse stood on the blocks for the 100 meters breaststroke Olympic final.

Having qualified in the fastest time, Adrian was in lane four. Traditionally set aside for the fastest heat winner, it gave him a small but potentially crucial advantage over his competitors.

Adrian came home with the Olympic gold medal. And, although he didn’t realise it at the time, the perfect name for the business he would found.

Performance is in our DNA. The drive to succeed and push boundaries comes from our founder and runs through our values and culture. But performance is only half of the challenge. Adrian knew that he needed more than just a good training regime. He needed the right mindset, skillset, and strategy to succeed. He also knew that this needed to be backed up by academic rigour and research to ensure that it had a sustainable impact.

Adrian partnered with performance psychologists to achieve this. He carried this through into business and this forms the basis of how Lane4 develops people. It’s about taking the lessons Adrian learned from elite sports and combining that with expertise of our performance psychologists to create applicable tools for business.

This is the approach we take into our work with clients.

It gives people the confidence to achieve things they never thought were possible. The ability to truly believe in themselves. The desire to push themselves to places previously unreached.

Just like Adrian did in 1988.

This is where we take people beyond performance.