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Helping individuals develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours to achieve exceptional performance

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Cutting-edge approach to learning

We apply the psychology of performance like nobody else

We understand what helps people reach the top of their game. For 25 years, our research has informed the development of our performance tools and frameworks which are central to the Lane4 learning experience. Our dedicated research team are constantly innovating our approach using the latest thinking from behavioural and performance psychology to ensure that all our learning has a long-term impact on behaviour.

End-to-end learner journey

Transforming people’s working lives for the long term

All our programmes are underpinned by scientific evidence of how people improve their performance. Based on the three core stages of Engage, Activate and Accelerate, our performance learner journey brings together a blend of different delivery methods to embed the learning and appeal to different learning preferences. The outcome is sustainable behaviour change, not just a short-term spike in performance.

  • Engage – tools and materials that help shift learners beliefs and motivate them to want to learn.
  • Activate – learning inputs that allow learners to explore a topic and see the links to their own role or performance.
  • Accelerate – follow-up activities that support learners to put their learning into practice.

Experiential learning

Activate potential through fun and experiential learning

Our learning is always fun, engaging and experiential. We aim to disrupt thinking enough to create space for new habits. Whether digital, virtual or face to face, our experiential learning covers a range of exercises and experiences to help the learning stick – ranging from actor role plays, online business simulations and gamification to wheelchair basketball.

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Our global delivery team of over 200 people are passionate about providing memorable experiences which enable learners to perform at their best.



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